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We work together with vote administrators and politically neutral third-party organizations to implement fair and trusted voting systems. 

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Our Ethics

Agora is committed to the highest level of performance, ethics and transparency. Below is a list of our guiding principles:


Agora is not politically affiliated. We are a neutral organization that will never interfere in elections in any way.


We do not have access to user or voter data, and our technology is cryptographically architected to ensure this. Protecting administrator and voters’ privacy is our absolute priority.


Agora’s code is open-source, so it is publicly readable and verifiable.


Run an Election with Agora

Agora develops custom solutions on top of its core platform to enable each voting administrator the ability to enhance its electoral procedures within its existing framework.

We deliver a turnkey digital voting platform and security system that is fully-compatible with our partners’ current database management solutions and security procedures.

Our team actively oversees all integrations and proper functioning of systems during elections to ensure that adopting Agora’s solution is effortless and successful in every organization.

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Become a Consensus Node on Agora’s blockchain

What are Consensus Nodes?

Within Agora’s ecosystem, Consensus Nodes are instrumental in guaranteeing secure and transparent elections. They actively participate by processing transactions on Agora’s blockchain and performing cryptographic proofs which testify to the validity of the election process.

Does my organization qualify to become one?

Consensus Nodes are third parties chosen for their independence and/or dedication to civil rights protection. NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, as well as independent institutions dedicated to education or research (such as universities and foundations) are possible matches.

What is required from Consensus Nodes in practice?

Our partners are expected to make a server with average qualities available 24/7. Our scientific team is available to consult with IT departments on the specifics of the technological requirements.

Are Consensus Nodes compensated?

A reward mechanism has been especially integrated in Agora’s ecosystem to compensate our partners for their engagement and the energy expenses resulting from the server they host.

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