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VOTE is the native token of the Agora ecosystem. It incentivizes citizens and selected organizations to contribute to a secure and transparent election process by acting as authenticators of elections worldwide.

Agora is a global community of node operators maintaining a verifiable blockchain network which ensures a tamper-proof and 100% verifiable election process.

It consists of two types of node operators:

1. Consensus Nodes

Selected politically neutral third party organizations processing transactions and providing consensus on Agora’s blockchain

2. Citizen Auditor Nodes

Individuals who choose to enter a dedicated contract with Agora to verify the election process by auditing the consensus mechanism

Overview of Agora's Ecosystem


Each time Agora enters a contract with a government or private organization that intends to run an election, a portion of the cash inflow is allocated to purchase the required Election Reserved Tokens. At the end of the election period, Agora pays the node operators with the purchased VOTE tokens for their processing and verification work.

Learn more in our Tokenomics document

VOTE Token

Symbol: VOTE
Total token supply: 1 billion
Soft cap: $1.25 million
Hard cap: $20 million
ICO price: $0.051
Type: Utility token
Type: ERC20
Presale start: May 14, 2018

* Only 1 billion VOTE tokens will ever be generated

Token Sale Details

$17.5M worth of VOTE tokens are made available to presale investors. We are reserving $2.5M worth of VOTE tokens for Agora’s public event, which will be announced shortly.


VOTE Tokens (in %)


Token Distribution (in %)

Lock-up periods
Company: 4 years with 1 year cliff
Team: 3 years with 1 year cliff
Advisors: 3 years with 1 year cliff

Use of Proceeds (in %)


More information in our Tokenomics document

What are null elections?

Null elections are a giveaway program which will start after Agora’s ICO to incentivize Citizen Auditor Nodes during the first 24 months of Agora’s operations.

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