Bringing voting systems into the digital age


Agora’s VOTE token is currently trading in the secondary market.


Secure and transparent digital voting. We leverage the unique attributes of blockchain technology to design the next generation of voting systems for governments and organizations.

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We are building for you

A protocol made for the purpose of voting, built from scratch, with a number of Decentralised Apps (Dapps) to enable anyone, anywhere to vote online. We Allow communities, private and public organisations to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs and engage voters in a modern, convenient and accessible way.

A consensus mechanism designed for the purpose of voting with 0 financial incentive, a permission infrastructure, a permission-less infrastructure, a voting Dapp, a supply chain ballot tracking Dapp, an election financials tracking Dapp, an official Dapp to help our clients (governments, institutions, communities) to organise their election and movement of their staff and soon many more...

You are building for all of us

As much software you think is needed to make elections more efficient, less expensive, tension-free. Governments, competitors and communities can build as many Dapps as they wish on our infrastructures, to help us all achieve our goal: Better elections all over the planet.



Ballots and results cannot be altered by any third party.



The entire voting process is fully transparent and publicly verifiable.



Voters’ choices and identities are protected.



Voters can participate in a modern, convenient and fair way.



Digitization of paper and manual processes reduces election costs.



Eliminating violence caused by questionable results.


Our Impact

Our voting technology enables our partners to make an impact on their country or organization. 

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“Agora could be the tool that democracies use to transport their elections into the digital age.”

March 13, 2018  / Read Full Article


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Our Background

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VOTE Token

VOTE is the native token of the Agora ecosystem. It incentivizes citizens and selected organizations to contribute to a secure and transparent election process by acting as authenticators of elections worldwide.

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Case Study

Sierra Leone Presidential Elections
March 2018

Agora piloted the first test of blockchain voting in a national government vote during Sierra Leone Presidential Elections earlier this year.


Our team was officially invited by the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone as International Observer to run an independent pilot study demonstrating blockchain technology’s potential for electoral purposes. 


Our digital voting protocol was partially deployed to record votes from a sample of polling stations on an immutable blockchain ledger, ensuring safe storage and third-party verifiability of election data. Our team was able to provide results representative from the area days ahead of the manual tally processes.  


Learn More:  Press release

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